Internallyhosted staff

Employee Hosting is rapidly growing in popularity amongst Australian businesses that are keen to take advantage of the many benefits. It allows you to have duties performed internally by hosted staff, rather than hiring external companies and outsourcing the work. Our solution gives you more control over the process and outcome.


You’ll save money on recruitment costs by bypassing middleman mark-ups that are typical with outsourcing. It also provides you with greater flexibility when hiring and firing and coaching and communicating with your staff.

Mortgage Broker

Spend less time dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s on endless forms and more time finding your clients the best deal and building your reputation in the industry.

Personal relationships are crucial when it comes to brokering a mortgage. With a Hosted Employee, you can spend more time face-to-face with your clients, building their trust, while all the admin tasks are in good hands.

Insurance Broker

Free up your staff on the ground so you can offer a first-rate customer service experience.

Routine admin can be completed by exclusive Hosted Employees, which gives you the ability to focus on securing competitive insurance options for your clients.

With fully trained and Australian compliant Hosted Employees, your business is in good hands, and you can be sure that forms, contracts and communications are completed to the highest quality.


Don’t get bogged down with basic accounts reconciliations or transactional work and instead, invest your time in providing strategic and big picture advice for your expanding client base.

Advising clients on their company’s financial matters takes skill, time and trust. Delegatetime-consuming accounting and tax admin duties to a Hosted Employee who is fully trained and compliant with industry standards and laws, so you can focus on growing your business and securing more clients.

Back Office

Get your basic back office tasks handled by dedicated and committed administrators who are more than happy to power on with repetitive work. Let your Australian team conquer the more difficult technical work, be more client facing and focussed whilst your back office processes are being handled by trained and trusted Hosted Employees off site.

Our unique HR solution is a turnkey response to the needs of any growing business. You’ll get more time to work with your clients, improve the turnaround time of your work and build your business without the risk of losing your intellectual property.

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