Tailored HR support

TryPOD isn’t about dropping an outsourced staff member into your business and leaving you with the challenge of a new, international employee. Our tailored account management service means your business will be completely supported throughout the transition of hosted staff into your team.

All you have to do is ensure the workflow while we manage:

  • Recruitment

  • Induction, training and development

  • Performance management

  • Workflow management

  • Legislation compliance

  • Creation of systems and processes

  • OH&S

  • Payroll compliance

Providing Top Talent

Our recruitment process is rigorous and well-practised, which allows us to source and recruit only top-tier Hosted Employees. Our talent pool is made up of professional, capable and often degree-qualified candidates that you can confidently assign work to, knowing it will be completed to your high standards.

We continually develop our systems and processes to reflect market trends and industry changes so that you and your business stay ahead of the curve.

Improve Staff Retention and Engagement

Finding the right candidate for your team is only half the challenge. TryPOD will ensure that your new staff members are a good cultural fit and remain engaged and committed to your business.

You can apply your own business culture and values to your pod of team members. Our aim is to help your team be part of your own business here in Australia, even if they are physically far away. In other words, your hosted staff are an extension of your businessteams her in Australia.

You can reward your Hosted Employee for their great work, without worrying about internal staff politics or the rising wage costs.

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