Employee Hosting

vs Outsourcing

TryPOD is outsourcing reimagined. We offer a bespoke HR solution to Australian SMEs giving them more control over their business’ growth and sustainability.


  • No mark up on salary, employer decides benefits and rewards
  • Flexible contracts and help establishing your office in the Philippines
  • Client directly manages staff, no Intellectual Property risk
  • Does not sell output
  • Culture fit
  • Create roles with diverse responsibilities to suit business

Traditional Outsourcing

  • Mark up on salary, no control over rewarding staff
  • Long-term lock in
  • Staff under a BPO company means doubt over ownership of intellectual assets
  • Sells output
  • Employees don’t work exclusively for you
  • Limited room for diversity

The TryPOD difference

TryPOD has evolved from over 20 years of professional Human Resources experience. We used all of our skills and expertise to createthis unique HR solution for Australian businesses.

We’ll provide HR support across:

  • Recruitment

  • Induction, training and development

  • Performance Management

  • Workflow Management

  • Legislation compliance

  • Creation of systems and processes

  • OH&S

  • Payroll compliance

An industry-changing focus on HR and training

Our extensive HR knowledge and experience sets TryPOD apart from our competitors. Our unique combination ofHR expertise and outsourcing solutions is transforming the way SMEs recruit staff for:

  • Back office administration

  • Outbound and inbound customer service

  • Finance administration

  • Broker and adviser support

Ready toTryPOD?

Find out how our tailored Employee Hosting solution will work for you.