An industry-changing focus on HR and training

Our extensive HR knowledge and experience sets TryPOD apart from our competitors. Our unique combination of HR expertise and outsourcing solutions is transforming the way SMEs recruit their staff.


We offer full training and support during the transition of Hosted Employees to the Australian workplace and our client’s work culture and environment. We ensure that the offshore team feel part of the Australian team.


You can expect fully trained, experienced and often university educated staff who are confident communicators and ready to hit the ground running.

State-of-the-art Facility in Manila

We host your staff in the most advanced facilities centrally located in the CBD to ensure accessibility, reliability and first and foremost, workplace health and safety for all our team members.


We have commercial grade internet, the ability to duplicate your workstations at our premises, provide IT support on demand, access to training and meeting rooms, and more importantly, can scale up on tap if you need to increase your headcount.


Our virtual tour showcases our great facilities, the technology on hand for your Hosted Employees to use and our revolutionary POD system that’s changing the way businesses outsource.

Prioritising The Security of Your Business

Hosted Employees work for you, not a third party, so you can be sure that your intellectual property and any sensitive or private information is protected.

We provide only exclusive Hosted Employees, giving you direct communication with them and the ability to monitor and control their work output. We do not hold any of your company information or data and our workstations will be customised to your requirements, duplicating your current business set up.

Hosted Employees also adhere to the same privacy of information laws as your staff on the ground. Both you and your clients can be confident that your information is safe.

There’s no doubt who owns your IP as your work is not contracted out to a third party. Your hosted employees are dedicated only to you and the work they perform, or any IP developed by them, is yours as TryPOD doesn’t play host to your competitors.

Australian Compliance and Best Practice

TryPOD is an Australian owned company with Australian standards. Your account management team are based in Australia, and have over 30 years in small business and Human Resource management, applying best practice HR strategies, employing Australian compliance and standards in:

  • Recruitment and due diligence
  • Retention and performance management
  • Information security, privacy and confidentiality
  • HR compliance
  • Workplace health and safety


We have the practical knowledge and expertise in both business and in HR.


Our unique Employee Hosting solution has helped these businesses grow, diversify and saved them thousands of dollars along the way.

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We’re proud to be giving back to the community

Not only does our Employee Hosting service act as a great HR solution to Australian SMEs, we’re also able to support talent in the Philippines and help them build a better quality of life.

We provide genuine employment opportunities for our talent and place them in roles where they are valued and able to feel a part of a team. It’s a win-win situation.

As a company, we’re committed to building a sustainable future and operate with the bigger picture of social responsibility in mind. We apply this commitment to all our decision making, including recycling and using environmentally-aware practices in our offices.

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