Our financial services clients range from small to medium-sized businesses. They need to invest their time providing strategic advice, growing the business and expanding their client base, and find that back-office work takes up the valuable time of their specialised staff.

TryPOD provides highly skilled employees who are fully trained and compliant with Australian industry standards and laws. CPA qualified staff take care of all your compliance work, including PAYG, BAS and IAS, and deal with tax returns and administration relating to the ATO and ASIC. We also provide client engagement and follow up to make sure the job is completed.

Security is vital within the financial services industry, and our clients have peace of mind knowing we implement all Australian information and data security measures. Your staff are connected by secure, reliable commercial-grade internet and work within dedicated TryPOD workspaces under experienced team managers.

Our tailored approach to support and reliable back office solutions lets our clients reclaim time to focus on building customer relationships and expanding their business.

This was the experience of one Sydney based financial firm that came to us with a newly purchased portfolio of clients. We provided professional support for compliance work, allowing the firm to focus on expanding the business. Starting with one broker support professional, the business grew rapidly and now employs five support professionals.

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