As your business grows, so too do the demands on key staff. Our unique HR solution is a turnkey response to our clients’ need for ongoing professional support in businesses of any size.

Trained and trusted TryPOD Hosted Employees handle all of a client’s back-office processes offsite in a secure professional workspace. We create personalised solutions to suit the needs of clients across a range of industries. Whether you require one support professional or several, we ensure your new staff members are a good fit for your business and operate as an extension of your team in Australia.

Our clients tell us that using dedicated support professionals allows them more time to work with their customers, improve turnaround time, and build their business without the risk of losing their intellectual property.

We work with businesses on a small to large scale, providing solutions such as admin and PA support for international franchise-based operation BNI and handling the administration, sales, and phone-based client service support for Australian transport and logistics company Two Men and a Truck.

Backed by years of experience and a highly-skilled talent pool, TryPOD’s bespoke approach to staffing gives our clients the security of reliable and affordable specialised industry support.

Catherine Kuipers

CEO, Two Men and A Truck

Increased Infrastructure Keeping Clients and Onshore Teams Happy

Having Hosted Employees with TryPOD has enabled us to service our clients 12 hours a day without our Sydney team being run off their feet. As a busy removals business, the extra hours have significantly impacted our ability to help clients seven days a week, and we’ve easily managed the costs.

TryPOD helped us put the infrastructure into place, making it feel like there’s no geographical divide between our offices. Over the last two years, we’ve increased our offshore team from two to four people. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TryPOD to anyone thinking about an offshore staffing solution.

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