The brokers who come to us have one thing in common – they need time to dedicate their specialist skills to their clients to make sales and grow their business.

With major lenders across Australia tightening lending criteria, and the requirements around Business Interest Duties documentation and compliance requirements have increased. As a result, the workload and volume of back-office function for Australian mortgage broking has expanded rapidly. It’s a labour-intensive process that can drain valuable resources that are better used in client-facing work.

Engaging a TryPOD Hosted Employee gives back valuable time to brokers, providing tailored support solutions to suit small and large companies. Our highly trained support professionals have proven experience with a range of current mortgage brokers across Australia, and we can even source staff who have experience in your state.

Because our support professionals are already trained by current or previous employers, they are familiar with all industry-standard broking aggregator systems and processes, including ApplyOnline and different lenders’ product information knowledge bases.

Our clients reclaim valuable time by engaging support professionals who take care of essential tasks such as maintaining CRM software, applications and loan processing, pre and post-settlement tasks, especially securing necessary documentation which is up-to-date, relevant and compliant.

Staff support the mortgage broker every step of the way, generating and preparing all compliance and application paperwork and ordering valuations. In addition, we handle settlement and post-settlement care because good client relationships lead to repeat business.

Our tailored approach saves businesses the time and expense of recruiting and training staff and removes the burden of back end work, so our clients can focus on growing relationships and making sales.

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